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info@andyvargasfoundation.orgSharing the Soul of Music though vocals, performance and philanthropy.

Music Life Mentoring

Give children the skill of self regulation and get them ready for a successful life by using music as the mechanism for self expression. Socialization, motor and basic skills are enhanced through music whether it be; instruments, voice, lyrics in a wide array of genre’s; rock, hip hop, jazz , country, classical, reggae, or rap. The importance of music is evident in all cultures. Music aids in brain development, retention, builds an appreciation and respect for others and creates a sense of community and pleasure. We have coined the phrase of “Super Hero’s” Local and National Celebrities, Sports Figures and other well know Music Artist to become mentors in every aspect of personal development for today’s youth, in academics, music and career goals.


Students lagging behind in scholastic performance caught up with their fellow students in reading and SURPASSED THEIR CLASSMATES IN MATH BY 22% when given music instruction for 8 months.


Of Americans feel learning a musical instrument helps students perform better in other subjects.


Of Americans surveyed believe that teenagers who play a musical instrument are less likely to have disciplinary problems.

Vargas Outreach Fund

The Andy Vargas Foundation has a commitment to helping those in need, whether fighting against disease, helping at-risk individuals, donating to education or simply in making our world a better place and through the support of our collaborative supporters we have created the “Vargas Outreach Fund” with other like minded organizations, businesses and individuals who also want to make a difference in the communities we live in world-wide.

Please help us be part of the solution, your tax deductible donation is appreciated and you have our sincerest gratitude

AVF wants to be a platform for change!

We are asking for your continued support by donating to the Andy Vargas Foundation so we can continue to support and contribute to all of the changes that we, our foundation friends, want to see in the world. Philanthropy for our Youth is where it is at!

Our Tax Deductible Non Profit 501(c)(3) donation of funds, services or merchandise can be sent to:
P.O.Box 55652
Sherman Oaks California 91413 USA

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