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The Andy Vargas Music Production Program is a 6 month long program designed for high school sophomores and juniors who reside in California’s 47th Assembly District who are interested in a career in music production. The program includes lesson in engineering fields, music writing, licensing and marketing, and also includes how to network and build relationship.



What is a "Maker Space"

We as a “Maker-Space” a place where youth and talent can come and learn fundamental hands-on skills that lead to employable pathways and skill-sets in the music industry, whether it’s: song writing, composing, producing, arranging, marketing the Andy Vargas Foundation along with other maker space collaborative partners like San Bernardino Community College District and Vocademy who have like philosophies on putting music and vocational skills back into education and our communities.

This Collaboration is the combined efforts of a group of exceptional visionaries; Local Government Officials, Andy Vargas Foundation - Andy Vargas, David Gutierrez, Victor Kristi, Gar Calhoun, Associate Vice Chancellor Richard G.E Galope of the San Bernardino Community College District, EDCT Foundation Director Ashley E. Gaines,  Executive Director of Economic Resource & Community Development Robert T. Mejia, Executive Director Economic Development & Corporate Training Robert Levesque, Special Events Planner  Economic Development & Corporate Training James (JT) Tillman and KVCR Public Media...

The Economic Development Training Foundation is a Proud sponsor the 1 Million Cup Entrepreneurial Meeting in San Bernardino; where entrepreneurs and local business entities can meet, challenge and inspire these up and coming new innovators to excel and collaborate on best business practices. Andy is a proud sponsor and guest speaker as he spoke on the New San Bernardino Maker-Space Program that create Career Pathway;  Network Opportunities, Resource Fair, Guest Speaker Presentations, Potential Business Partnerships and Learning Business Materials To Build and Improve Your Startups…  

Samantha Contreras


Our newest talented awardee to the Andy Vargas Maker-Space Music Program along with 16 others spearheaded by San Bernardino Community College District in collaboration with EDCT...

A music and video studio programming by the Andy Vargas Foundation (AVF), the support of ELOISE GÓMEZ REYES, Assemblymember, 47th District; San Bernardino Community College District (SBCCD)- The San Bernardino Community College District serves 22 cities in the heart of Inland Southern California and create new opportunities for 25,000 students each year through our two fully-accredited campuses: Crafton Hills College and San Bernardino Valley College; We cultivate minds and transform our community through our Economic Development & Corporate Training division and KVCR, the region’s National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting System (PBS) television station that utilizes curriculum instruction with modern day technology, real instruments and video innovation to teach and educate on the art of music and the compilation of sound, visuals and performance mentored by industry professionals; Economic Development & Corporate Training Foundation (EDCT) - is a 501(c (3) nonprofit charity dedicated to improving the economic prosperity of the Inland Empire. EDCT Foundation endeavors to establish a robust ecosystem that fosters innovation and entrepreneurship. By pursuing a multi-faceted approach, to career pathways: